Raccoons and Reading


Raccoons!! Specifically, one raccoon that doesn’t take no for an answer. I admire her commitment to ripping my screen door again after she sat and listened to me explain why she needed to go away.

Once inside the lanai, she eats every morsel of dry food as the five cats watch; then she refreshes herself on the pool edge and poops on the way out. She’s not rabid. Just thirsty. I put some water out for her tonight after she scattered. She’ll be back.

Still, I prefer her to visit other yards. Her presence upsets my senile dog, who thinks he should bark all night to keep his own bowls full. The barking works, but I’m pretty sure all the neighbors hate us. He’s the last of my four dogs, and I can’t get grumpy with him. He has a heart murmur. The vet says, hopefully, we won’t have to play god this time. Her exact words. As tiring as it gets to answer his barks with treats, cheese, and sometimes a hamburger or two, I know how quickly he will become another echo in my life.

It’s all these echos, these memories, these histories that are overwhelming me in life lately. I’m trying to make myself focus on the present and read more. I know I need to get back to that pace. Right now, I am reading about writing–so I can develop this site. But, perhaps a story about a raccoon and a girl in the night may be more soothing.




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