So My Cats Didn’t Throw Me a Surprise Party for Mother’s Day…


It wasn’t hard to believe.

They weren’t sneaking around any more than usual.

So I went shopping.

I resisted a lot of shiny, glittery treasures, but when I saw this pen, it was just too pretty. And BLUE!

So I bought it. A self-admitted consolation prize on Mother’s Day for me. (Yea!)

As I began to leave the checkout counter, the male cashier waved and said, “Happy Mother’s Day to you!”

I smiled. “You too!”

Why not? It’s a holiday right? It involves presents. Shiny symbolic affirmations of maternal capabilities, even to furry and scaled creatures alike. He could be a mom too.

Maybe his cats are better party planners than mine.


Photo talk:

Me: Look what I got!

Nacho: Can I have it?

Me: It’s in a box!

Nacho: I can fit in that box! Can I have it?


(rip Chester: Fins to the left.)





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