Looking back, it’s easy to see the path that wasn’t taken. (Or taken advantage of.)

That doesn’t really matter, though. My personal and pointless review of choices only equates to wasted time.  I chose a zig-zagged path. I could have taken some alternate routes, but still think that I would have ended up here.

Here being my continued adventure forward. Ahead. Beyond. Around. Back again. Time isn’t linear. Neither is the journey.

Lessons continually arise. Opportunities. Mistakes. Awareness.  Ignorance. They all cycle in and out.

Sometimes I am grounded. Other times I am adrift. Like tonight.

The gravity of false security gave way and I feel afloat in uncertainties.

I know if I become complacent, the ground will shake again. The path is fluid. Gaseous. Ever changing.

This too shall pass.

I repeat that often. The good. The bad. They pass. And remain. The scars.  The memories.

It’s the unsettling pitfall of grasping that makes the journey painful. The attempt to hold on while passing through.

I have to remember to fly free. Let go. Forgive. Soulful somersaults. Push off. Glide and don’t hold on. It’s the only way.




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