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Right Now

Time to smell the flowers. Wear a floppy hat and dream. Sniff out the message. Create. Forget the lines. Breathe the moment. Dance because the music is playing. Remember. Begin again. Soft, sweet petals of imagination.   ~~~~~~  

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One Night.

  I just finished staring down the empty barrel of a gelato container. I’m pretty sure that I made out with that spoon, too. No reason why, except that life just felt extra real today. Belgian Chocolate. Emotional trance. Blissful … Continue reading

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Why Write? Fear

One (hot beach) day when I went to my creative magazine writing class (for some of the college’s superior air-conditioning), the (just-older-than-most-of-us, long-blond-haired, journalism-grad-can’t-find-a-job) instructor (leading our let’s-sit-around-one-large-table-and mainly-just-talk-for-an-hour class) advised us, “Write like your parents are dead.” At the … Continue reading

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