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That Was Funny

  Gator grins. Sneaky know-it-all’s. They keep their jokes below the surface.   ~~~~~~  

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  ~Summer’s here. In small bites.~   ~~~~~~  

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Look Again

  My grandmother said my face would freeze one day. I was making silly expressions, crossing my eyes, and laughing with her. She always said a lot of things to me, like I would catch pneumonia from walking barefoot, or … Continue reading

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Write Away: “Show, Don’t Tell”

  I find myself bored when I spot extended “telling” in my own writing. Sometimes, employing the concept of “showing” becomes frustrating when I’m creating a first draft. I just want to get my ideas out there. Recognizing and correcting … Continue reading

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Compassion (knock knock)

  We’re not the best sanctuary in town, but we still get a few knocks on the door. This is a baby opossum from Florida. I opened my backdoor and almost fell over her. She appeared to have given up. … Continue reading

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Write Away: Scent

  I have a cabinet. Smells like the holidays. Fall spice, Christmas trees. They rush over me when I open the door. An instant flood of sensation. So many stories to decipher amongst the aromatic kaleidoscope. Picking just one and … Continue reading

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  Sometimes I distract myself in those moments by googling things like, “Why does my nose run so much when I cry?” Science rescues me from chemistry.   ~~~~~~  

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