Why Brass?


Over the last few years, I’ve created a bit of a brass collection.


Why brass?


There are several ways to ask the question:

1. Why brass?

-inquisitive, genuine interest, nothing personal


2. Why brass?

-questioning the material, possibly unapproving


3. Why brass?

-the way my husband asks when I get a new brass family member.



My answers are:

1. Because when I was a little girl, I would obsessively admire the brass crab at my paternal grandparents’ house in Tennessee. They had “things” like that brass crab which to me symbolized eclectic, financial achievement. I thought that if a person had a brass crab in that person’s house, then that person would be in another level of living. I had no concept of what that really was, but I fully understood that I, my sister, and mom did not have a brass crab at our house and I wanted to get one of my own one day.

2. Brass is exceptionally interesting as it ages. From bright and shiny, all the way to tarnished and brimming with patina. It’s heavy and solid, strong and bold.

3. Because I wanted it.




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