Free Your Spirit (but don’t be an A-hole)


Foxy jumps on Seltzer.

Foxy’s only defense is that he cannot contain his enthusiasm for jumping on his brothers when they least expect it.

So Foxy goes into time-out, which he says is BS, but Seltzer says is awesome.

Then Foxy just says fine, whatever–that he’ll just use his time to plot his revenge and bulk up his muscles.

Seltzer asks about witness protection, but knows we don’t run from our problems here.

So Seltzer just sighs and says he’s a lover, not a fighter. His street days are over.

Back in time-out, Foxy forgets why he was mad and takes a nap. Then wakes up and walks out because the door is open.

Seltzer just sighs, again, and says I love you to Foxy.

Foxy says I love you, too; then he lightly jumps on Nacho, who looks at him with dismay and Foxy is reformed. For now.



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