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We’ve got this cold snap handled here in Florida.

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That’s the spirit


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  just riding along. ~~~~~~  

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Why Write? Truth

  I once read a writing prompt that directed me to list three personal truths that I carried with me, weighed me down, and no one else knew were hurting me. This wasn’t the the ice-breaking game of Three Truths … Continue reading

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To The Stars

Outside my window, a spider lived. She or he, but I think a she, stayed a long time. She got stuck in my car’s door handle once, traveled silently to the next town, and ran all my errands with me. … Continue reading

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Love Letters

I wrote them in a time of passion. I listened to what I felt, then translated with tenderness. I indulged in sweet desire with my solicitous words. While I no longer possess those letters, I remember them, and me. I … Continue reading

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Introvert Communications

so tired of words.

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