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Fake is Nice

I only have one explanation for my increasing acceptance of fake foliage into my life: I like it. I do semi-appreciate a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. I definitely enjoy my strolls through the thriving garden sections at the home … Continue reading

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Moon Chatter

Last night, the moon soaked through my bedroom shutters, shedding urgency into my lull and requesting my audience. I had nothing else planned, so I moved into its silken message. It clothed me with illumination and walked with me, telling … Continue reading

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Compassion (knock knock)

  We’re not the best sanctuary in town, but we still get a few knocks on the door. This is a baby opossum from Florida. I opened my backdoor and almost fell over her. She appeared to have given up. … Continue reading

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  Back when we had real phones, our family got a call from someone very special. I said hello and a young man responded. He was calling with exciting news. Our family had just won an all-expense-paid vacation to Disney … Continue reading

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Gift of Laughter

  Mother’s Day again. I woke up early and had some free time since it was Sunday. So I went to hang out with the cats and tease them because they didn’t get me anything. (My sister at least got … Continue reading

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Lovely love

  I’ve been a cat lady, dog lady, cat and dog lady, back to cat lady. My husband asked what I’d do if something happened to him. I said, “Get a dog.” Maybe I replied a little too fast.   … Continue reading

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Aisle Retreat

  (Warning: This pic is an inaccurate, rather inspiring dramatization of my real shopping persona.) When I say “aisle retreat”—I do not mean palm trees and free samples. Instead, I’m referring to a spontaneous (but well practiced) halt-then-reverse motion I … Continue reading

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