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Moon Chatter

Last night, the moon soaked through my bedroom shutters, shedding urgency into my lull and requesting my audience. I had nothing else planned, so I moved into its silken message. It clothed me with illumination and walked with me, telling … Continue reading

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Compassion (knock knock)

  We’re not the best sanctuary in town, but we still get a few knocks on the door. This is a baby opossum from Florida. I opened my backdoor and almost fell over her. She appeared to have given up. … Continue reading

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  Back when we had real phones, our family got a call from someone very special. I said hello and a young man responded. He was calling with exciting news. Our family had just won an all-expense-paid vacation to Disney … Continue reading

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Gift of Laughter

  Mother’s Day again. I woke up early and had some free time since it was Sunday. So I went to hang out with the cats and tease them because they didn’t get me anything. (My sister at least got … Continue reading

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Lovely love

  I’ve been a cat lady, dog lady, cat and dog lady, back to cat lady. My husband asked what I’d do if something happened to him. I said, “Get a dog.” Maybe I replied a little too fast.   … Continue reading

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Aisle Retreat

  (Warning: This pic is an inaccurate, rather inspiring dramatization of my real shopping persona.) When I say “aisle retreat”—I do not mean palm trees and free samples. Instead, I’m referring to a spontaneous (but well practiced) halt-then-reverse motion I … Continue reading

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Mail Order Cat Litter

It seemed like a good idea. It was so easy to order. Free shipping. Same price as in the store. No driving. No fake socializing at the checkout. But when it arrived on top of my toothpaste. And leaking out … Continue reading

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