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  Initially, I named this post Spectacular Serendipity, while focusing on the bird’s stance, and probably inspired by its corporeal S. As I began writing, I recalled the alligator who was floating just off to the right. Granted, the moment … Continue reading

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Look Again

  My grandmother said my face would freeze one day. I was making silly expressions, crossing my eyes, and laughing with her. She always said a lot of things to me, like I would catch pneumonia from walking barefoot, or … Continue reading

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A Different View

  In the 1980’s, while growing up in the foothills of North Carolina, I briefly corresponded with a pen pal from England. A girl of the same age. We didn’t exchange photos, only letters which began through a school project. … Continue reading

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Each Day, Try Again

Over-sensitive is an understatement. Sometimes it’s hard to function. Like those days when every human interaction is as tense as tracing the edge of a razor. Conversation is nightmarish. Each rhetorical intonation is internalized. Analyzed. Immediately personalized. Muscles ache from … Continue reading

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  I never get tired of looking up along the way. Perhaps there are so many reasons that I forget to do this; but when I remember, the view is astounding. I forget my questions, concerns, hesitations. I get lost … Continue reading

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The fine line

I like to use bad words about annoying people and things. Other people like to publicly make bad jokes about politicians and airline fatalities. Who deserves freedom of speech more? Who threatens freedom of speech more? Does it matter? Is … Continue reading

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Dancing On a Treadmill is Hard

  Monday started off with a good pace. One thumbs-up song after another on my Paul Simon radio channel. I was burning calories and making inspiration through perspiration. Too much? Fair enough. But sweaty feels good. And when Tuesday tread … Continue reading

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