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Why Write? Truth

  I once read a writing prompt that directed me to list three personal truths that I carried with me, weighed me down, and no one else knew were hurting me. This wasn’t the the ice-breaking game of Three Truths … Continue reading

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Why Write? Owning It

… “Everyday” is a hard thing to deal with. Finding the story inside everyday is art. Tiny details, big connection. Writing breathes life into creative crevices found everyday and everywhere. There is a story in every day. ~~~~~~  

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Why Write? Because Every Word Counts

I’ve lugged a clear container full of stale envelopes and blank notebooks around for 12 and a half years. I’ve stored, shoved, stacked, and ignored this plastic tote so long that I just got used to not opening it. It … Continue reading

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Why Write? Fear

One (hot beach) day when I went to my creative magazine writing class (for some of the college’s superior air-conditioning), the (just-older-than-most-of-us, long-blond-haired, journalism-grad-can’t-find-a-job) instructor (leading our let’s-sit-around-one-large-table-and mainly-just-talk-for-an-hour class) advised us, “Write like your parents are dead.” At the … Continue reading

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Why Write?

Why write? This is the BIG question. BIG–as in infinitely large, impossible to contain. Yet this question has a small answer. Very small. So small that I am still looking for it. OK, no I’m not. I know the answer. … Continue reading

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