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Why Write? Owning It

… “Everyday” is a hard thing to deal with. Finding the story inside everyday is art. Tiny details, big connection. Writing breathes life into creative crevices found everyday and everywhere. There is a story in every day. ~~~~~~  

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Write Away: Character Insight

The ability to withstand the temptation to over-explain, over-describe, over-attribute—pretty much over do it–when presenting character insight is a tricky challenge. When I’m writing, I know if my character is sad, happy, mad, joyful, terrified, etc.–BUT I can’t just have her … Continue reading

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Write Away: Tone

  When I talk at work, I feel that I put people to sleep. I’m not paid to put them all the way to sleep, though. Just to pacify them enough into stop yelling. I’ve spent a lot of time … Continue reading

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It Felt

Last night, I rode in the backseat of an old black limousine. I sat sideways in the second row, on my knees pressed into the vinyl grey seat, resting against a putrid green side panel. The ceiling, drooping and tangled, … Continue reading

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Write Away: “Show, Don’t Tell”

  I find myself bored when I spot extended “telling” in my own writing. Sometimes, employing the concept of “showing” becomes frustrating when I’m creating a first draft. I just want to get my ideas out there. Recognizing and correcting … Continue reading

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