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Pretending There Are Mountains

  Here in Florida, I don’t experience four seasons like I did while growing up in the North Carolina mountains. Back in NC, we referred to our region as the Foothills. The landscape was steep, but the drive further into … Continue reading

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Why Brass? The Brass Whale

  Perhaps this post should have been my very first, an explanation of my blog’s namesake. Of course, it wasn’t the first–but no less important. The brass whale was there with me, when the time came to type in a … Continue reading

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I Beg Your Pardon

  Life didn’t promise any of us a rose garden, but who decided a rose was the prettiest flower? … Blooms surround us. ~~~~~~  

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Remember When: Pinwheels Made the World Go Round

  Imagination wasn’t even a concept then, just a reality.   ~~~~~~  

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