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To the Moon

I loved you there and back. … Now, I’m back. Like a moonbeam with nowhere left to shine. ~~~~~~

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Piecing It Together

  I really don’t have much to write anymore. On this blog at least, so maybe it served its purpose. But now, it just seems like one more thing on my list to do. And I’ve started disliking that list … Continue reading

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Write Away: Read Aloud

  I really enjoy reading out loud. But, not with an audience. For clarification, I really like reading alone and out loud. I think it helps me to focus as I literally hear what I’m reading. I am entertained by the … Continue reading

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All directions are forward. ~~~~~~

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Why Write? A Blog??

I discovered Pinterest a bunch of years ago when I only managed to “pin” a picture of a small bathroom makeover. I didn’t understand Pinterest. All I wanted to do was bookmark a web page, so I left Pinterest alone … Continue reading

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Why Write? Owning It

… “Everyday” is a hard thing to deal with. Finding the story inside everyday is art. Tiny details, big connection. Writing breathes life into creative crevices found everyday and everywhere. There is a story in every day. ~~~~~~  

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Why Brass? The Brass Whale

  Perhaps this post should have been my very first, an explanation of my blog’s namesake. Of course, it wasn’t the first–but no less important. The brass whale was there with me, when the time came to type in a … Continue reading

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