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Write Away: Don’t Be Lazy

I’m writing this one with great irony tonight, because I’m feeling very lazy. I’m also in a bad mood, which lends resentment into the mix of hasty writing. Plus, I don’t feel good and I can’t sleep. Yes, I drank … Continue reading

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Not Today

  My thoughts are gnawing lately. My fingers smell like fresh basil. I keep stopping to inhale its organic trace. I go nowhere. Just sitting, staring, and sniffing. ~~~~~~

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Moon Chatter

Last night, the moon soaked through my bedroom shutters, shedding urgency into my lull and requesting my audience. I had nothing else planned, so I moved into its silken message. It clothed me with illumination and walked with me, telling … Continue reading

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On The Fence (figurative vs literal)

  Foxy doesn’t care. While he is literally on the fence, he’d actually prefer to be on the roof. But me–I’m on the figurative fence all day, everyday. I like it there. (The metaphorical roof is too high for me.) … Continue reading

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  Our existence. Their existence. Alone is never lonely with reflection. ~~~~~~  

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Remember When: Homework Was For Real

  I didn’t lie to my mother often, but I tried on Halloween. ~~~~~~  

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Sky Donuts: A Higher Truth

Hol(e)y rollers. Amen Hallelujah

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