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I’d be comforted to leave this place, this life, knowing that I had carved off, out, all that I could of myself. I am not a martyr but I am a writer. I owe my emotions, my experiences, my observations, … Continue reading

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Why Write? A Blog??

I discovered Pinterest a bunch of years ago when I only managed to “pin” a picture of a small bathroom makeover. I didn’t understand Pinterest. All I wanted to do was bookmark a web page, so I left Pinterest alone … Continue reading

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Time in a Beetle

  Oh, how you flew past me. ~~~~~~

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Only Up From Here

  Boldly rising on a sunny day, this cloud roared into existence. Dancing with the wind’s rhythm, it followed the highway to the sea and floated away. ~~~~~~  

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Sticker My World

  My computer started fritz-ing recently and I panicked. Not because I thought of the repairs or possible replacement costs, but because 90% of my computer’s border is covered in stickers. Rainbows and sparkles kinds of stickers. In my 20’s, … Continue reading

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Why Write? Owning It

… “Everyday” is a hard thing to deal with. Finding the story inside everyday is art. Tiny details, big connection. Writing breathes life into creative crevices found everyday and everywhere. There is a story in every day. ~~~~~~  

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Florida Sky

  I saw two coyotes running along the highway yesterday; nothing but the scent of promise forming their infinite path. Clouds gathered above me and them, as thunder urged us forward. There would be no reward for stagnation. ~~~~~~  

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